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Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

October is pregnancy loss awareness month. Pregnancy loss is an immense loss that is often not openly discussed by many in the BIPOC community despite it occurring in 1 out of 4 pregnancies. Cultural factors may make it even more difficult to discuss the loss and providers are not always keen on the emotional and social impact a loss may have. Be gentle with yourself and please know that you have done nothing to deserve this. Below are some tips on how to care for yourself during this time.

  1. Make space for your grief and find safe ways to express your grief. This may be praying, journaling, crying, or physical activity.

  2. Consider seeking a therapist that specializes in maternal mental health issues and loss. Finding a professional who can guide you during this tender time can be invaluable.

  3. Consider starting a ritual that can help you honor and remember your baby. This may be creating an altar, writing a yearly letter, lighting a daily candle, or saying a prayer. Your baby existed and mattered and it is important to find your own way to honor them.

  4. Consider hiring a bereavement doula to help you during this time. This may include providing you with emotional, educational or physical help.

  5. Lean into your community for support and understanding. If this is not available to you, consider joining a support group for others who have experienced this loss.

Disclaimer: Support group listed did not provide any financial compensation in order to be featured and has no partnership with Doulicious Nutrition. It is listed solely as a possible resource for those looking for support.

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