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Reclaiming our Power: Finding a Midwife

Listen in as Annalee Reid, MSM, BSMLS, CD and co-founder of Supermamma Birth Services chats with us about the ins and outs around finding a midwife. We learned so much about the different types of midwives, services they provide, settings they work in and how to pay for care. As Annalee states in the interview it is important to "Find your team. Get your support persons. Don't do it alone". We are so grateful we had Annalee on our team to share her wisdom and tips! Enjoy the interview!

Disclaimer: Doulicious Nutrition and Supermamma Birth Services did not receive any financial compensation from any of the resources listed. Resources are suggested for educational purposes only. Always consult with your provider regarding questions related to your specific care needs.


Supermamma Birth Services

Specializing in safe home births, thorough prenatal and postpartum visits, comprehensive preconception counseling, autonomous well woman care visits, STI screening.


The Business of Being Born


Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin

Rights of Childbearing Persons

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