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Your Favorite Dietitian, Doula & Nurse Combo

Thank you for being in this space! My name is Myriam (she/her/hers) and I have been a Registered Dietitian serving the diverse population of New York City in community, clinical and outpatient settings for 8 years. I have worked as a Clinical Dietitian for the majority of my nutrition career and found myself researching everything and anything related to pregnancy, reproductive health, and birth in my free time. As I planned my own reproductive journey,  I came across the research and information showing how medical racism and the social determinants of health impacted birth outcomes in the Black and Brown community. This information distressed me and I looked into root causes and solutions that helped address this. I pursued and completed my full-spectrum doula training and also became a birth assistant to a Midwifery practice here in Brooklyn, New York. I decided to combine my nutrition and doula skills and start my business to support my community in reclaiming their birth journeys and health. I have recently graduated from nursing school intending to further my clinical skills and assist birthing persons to experience respectful and dignified births. When I am not attending a birth, you can catch me exploring a new country and cuisine.

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