See what those in the Doulicious family have to say! 


"Myriam is a true God send! She takes the time to truly understand your goals and assess your needs to create a comprehensive and easy to follow plan of action. Her knowledge and clinical skill set, coupled with her easy going and approachable demeanor made this process seamless. It is evident that she genuinely cares about her clients and has a passion for her craft. My husband and I benefited from our sessions with her and feel confident that we have a great structure in place to make real lifestyle changes."

Couples Nutrition Clients


"She is AMAZING! When I first reached out to Myriam I had concerns because I was uncomfortable with my OB. Over the course of our 4 sessions, she encouraged me and coached me on how to successfully voice my concerns and options. She was available whenever I had a question or a concern or was feeling uneasy and needed clarification. Always willing to go above and beyond to find extra information to help me feel supported and relaxed throughout my pregnancy. If you're looking for someone who's caring and hands on, I would definitely recommend her!"

Virtual Doula Client


"Myriam went above and beyond to help me throughout my pregnancy to make me feel comfortable as well as to make me feel like what I felt and said was very important. I'm grateful for having this opportunity. Thank you so much for being with me every step of the way. Considering that we are currently going through a pandemic, you made it your business to go above and beyond. I wouldn't change a thing. Keep doing an amazing job."

Virtual Doula Client


"Myriam is the best! She was extremely helpful every step of the way. I had the honor of having her for prenatal all the way through to postpartum. This being my first pregnancy, I felt like a deer in headlights and she was able to ease me into the process of doctor appointments, questions I should ask providers, how to take care of myself and the baby, and helped me discover what I really wanted from every experience pregnancy brings. She was very respectful/supportive of my wishes and beliefs. All sessions I had were very informative. Myriam was always well prepared with handouts and/or links for the topics and questions I would bring up. Due to experiencing pregnancy/labor during COVID, all help was virtual but she was always available via text/calling and was constantly checking up on my partner and I. Myriam is understanding and very dependable. Her background experience and certifications honestly make her the best person to help anyone on this journey."

Virtual Doula Client: Prenatal to Postpartum


"Myriam supported me through my 2nd childbirth experience and I fully understand now why having a doula is essential to a happy birthing experience. From the knowledge sharing, to the weekly support check-ins, to just teaching me how to advocate for myself at home and at the DR office and basically understanding my needs. She was absolutely amazing! It was through Myriam that I even understood the extent of trauma that I experience during my first labor and delivery. It was also her knowledge and advice that enabled me to channel the desires and outcome I wanted for my 2nd birth. She made my VBAC possible and I absolutely love her."

Virtual Doula Client: Prenatal to Postpartum


"My relationship with and to food has been (and continues to be) complex and layered. After spending a significant amount of time alone during quarantine, I learned just how disordered my eating was. I felt chaotic and out of control. I wanted to use food as fuel and nourishment, but instead, it was (and had been for a long time) a coping strategy. I observed myself over and undereating. I’d spend hours without eating only to binge in the evenings. I wouldn’t stop until my belly hurt. Grocery shopping was hell and cooking for one felt like an insurmountable task. 

I needed to do something, my digestion issues increased to a point that began to concern me. After months of noticing this pattern, I got the courage to reach out to Myriam and seek her support and I’m extremely grateful that I did.

Myriam is incredibly gifted and compassionate. Never judging my choices, she encouraged me to expand my perspective. Through her guidance, I learned that I had options and that the journey could actually be fun. Using a variety of tools, I’ve been able to enjoy food shopping, meal prepping, & cooking. I’ve been trying new dishes, too. I still struggle with my life-long battle of using food as a defense mechanism, but I’m more aware and therefore more forgiving and kind to myself. She walked me through multiple strategies and did so with so much love and humor. She treated my habits kindly, which helped me be vulnerable and open with her about how deep these issues went.

I STRONGLY recommend Myriam as a guide in your food journey. Even if you have a healthier relationship with food, she will help you stretch your mindset. Her ability to see and hear me was extraordinary. I could speak with her about anything and I wasn’t afraid of her response. She welcomed it all with exploration and for that, I am truly grateful."

Nutrition Client


"Myriam was the perfect person to accompany us on our pregnancy journey. It didn't matter what time we texted her, she always responded in a timely manner. Her classes are well planned and full of useful information from start to finish and are affordable. Her a la crate menu allowed us to customize our pan to fit within our budget and needs. Do not hesitate to book her services."

Virtual Doula Client