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Reclaiming our Power: Having a Home Birth Experience

Listen in as I chat with Danielle Alvarez MSN, NP, HHC, and founder of Zelue Wellness about her home birth experience and tips for expecting Brown and Black Mothers. Danielle is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who has many years in the medical field and provides us with so many gems, resources, and advice including that Women of Color should know:

"You are beautiful. You are capable. You are amazing... You deserve holistic care like any other person." Danielle Alvarez @zelue.

Disclaimer: Doulicious Nutrition and Zelue did not receive any financial compensation from any of the resources listed. Resources are suggested for educational purposes only. Always consult with your provider regarding questions related to your specific care needs.

Resources Highlighted by @Zelue


Mama Glow: A hip guide to your fabulous and abundant pregnacy by Latham Thomas ( My favorite doula and wellness guru.)

Taking Charge of your fertility- by Tony Weschler (This book is great for women that want to learn the fertility awareness method.) 

What to expect when you are expecting.- Heidi Murkoff


My Fertility Friend: (This app is very helpful for those using the fertility awareness method to get pregnant. It was one of the clues that I was pregnant before I took a pregnancy test.) 

Glow- I used all glow apps: Glow and Nurture

Ovia- A great pregnancy app, I liked the feature where I could check medication and food safety lookup

Websites: the go-to site for obstetrics questions

Youtube- I watched a ton of exercise videos on there for my pelvic floor and to prepare a baby for positioning. 

Pinterest- There are a ton of pinned articles on how to draft a birth plan and also what are great baby essentials to buy.

Babylist- This was my favorite registry. I could link as many stores as I wanted on one registry. Also, I was able to start a Doula Cash fund as an alternative to gifts. 


Acupuncturist for pregnancy. - Ommmango Wellness in Brooklyn NY. I went to her during my pregnancy.

Chiropractor- My doula recommended a Webster Certified Chiropractor I went to Dr. Lila Wolfe at Life Chiropractic. This helped get my baby in the ideal position for birth, she was transverse lie most of my pregnancy. 

Support belt- Most insurance covers it! I had bad sciatica my 2nd trimester

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